In 2016, SINE was born with a single mission: to drive real, tangible results in marketing, with data as our compass and making an impact as our goal. The digital world was ready for us, offering exactly what we thrive on: data driven performance.

We’ve come a long way since then, seizing every opportunity to innovate, from crafting our own tech to assembling a team of brilliant minds.

Together, we’ve shaped a company that’s all about pushing limits and striving for excellence. Today, SINE stands as a collective of fun, passionate, and curious disruptors dedicated to making a mark on the brands and people we work with every day. As a young and dynamic agency, we’re buzzing with excitement for a long, successful journey ahead, ready to write our name in bold strokes…

Our Mission

Our mission is to be global leaders in connecting people with experiences they love. We focus on creating genuine connections between brands and their audiences using intelligent digital marketing strategies.

At the core of our success is building strong, collaborative relationships, fuelled by our shared passion.

We prioritise our people, constantly striving to be the best place to work. We’re committed to fostering an exceptional work environment and a positive company culture.

Our Values

Innovation – We are curious. We create value by not being constrained by the status quo. We test, we learn, we lead.

Passion – We care. We’re passionate about the impact of our work. Our perpetual willingness to educate ourselves and others drives us to do what is right.

Collaboration – We are effective and active partners. We respectfully share knowledge and expertise and support each other in our drive for success

Knowledge & Expertise – We are smart and skilled. Our knowledge is the foundation of our expertise. We have an unwavering commitment to continual learning and a
data-driven approach.

Transparency – We have great integrity. As trustworthy and authentic individuals, we tackle challenges objectively and commit to open and honest communication.


Join the Team

We’re an expanding agency with big ambitions. We’re always looking to meet new people and to grow the SINE family. Check out our career opportunities and see how you can be part of our dynamic and forward-thinking team.

Meet Our People

Alex Jacobs

Alice Reynolds

Alun Batcup

Ameera Thind

Amelia Lampitt

Anna Cook

Anne Alao

Bea Kerlin

Ben Alwin

Ben Bunce

Benji Haigh

Beth Watson

Bowie Tey

Clare Blabey

Dan Swift

Dani Honeywood

Daniel Michalek

Danielle Ward

Dmitry Dorofeev

Donell Sarkodee

Ella Wiseman

Emily Wong

Faye Bairstow

Felix Matthews

Georgia Bloomberg

Gloria Ilunga

Hannah Lowe

Henry Day

Immy Tailby-Faulkes

Iona Robson

Iona Wilkinson

Jade Hitchen

Jake Bowser

Jake Murray

James Dale

Jenna MacKenzie

Jo Waterhouse

John Monnington

Jordan Vaine

Kadeem Hosein

Katie Goddard

Katie Harding

Kaziu Gill

Kylie Smith

Louisa Leighton

Mannat Khanna

Max Miller

Max Skibinski

Miles Norton-Cuffy

Mohnique Chadha

Niall McCorkindale

Nifemi Adediji

Sam Wightman

Scott Lupi

Shelby Kennedy

Stefani Castiglione

Tim Milne

Tina Hill

Tom Hastings

Will Purkhardt

43 Whitfield Street

Our headquarters in Central London.