Breast Cancer Now: Wear It Pink

Breast Cancer Now is the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, aiming to change the lives of people affected by breast cancer by combining the power of research and support. Wear It Pink is their largest annual fundraising event taking place on the 20th October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Challenge

To drive high quality traffic to the Wear It Pink event registration form in order to improve the volume & standard of leads.

The Approach

Programmatic display bid strategy test.

The Result

A significantly more engaged audience reached the event registration form at a much lower cost.

Cost Per Click


Click Through Rate


Bounce Rate


The Brief

The objective of the digital campaign was to drive high quality registrations for Breast Cancer Now’s largest annual fundraising event, Wear It Pink. Whilst reaching registration volume targets was important, ensuring the quality of registrations was crucial because collecting post-event donations was the overarching business goal. The programmatic display campaign was driving a high volume of traffic but we needed to guarantee that this was simultaneously high quality.

The Process

A bid strategy A/B split test was launched across the programmatic display campaign on DV360. This tested a minimum cost per click bid strategy and a minimum cost per acquisition bid strategy against one another with an even budget split. Each bid strategy was tagged up with a separate UTM to enable on-site engagement tracking in Google Analytics so as to supplement usual platform performance metrics & ensure rigorous measurement.

The Results

The bid strategy aiming to drive a lower cost per click delivered a 20% lower bounce rate, a 22% higher pages per session, alongside a 1,983% higher click through rate. This indicated that this bid strategy was generating the higher quality of engaged traffic to the registration form. Additionally, a lower cost of advertising was achieved with a 80% reduction in cost per click.