Percival Menswear is one of the leading boutique retailers trailblazing their way through innovative and stylish designs within the male fashion vertical. Their particular USP is subverting the classics, really honing in on unique product launches and collaborations with exciting brands.

The Challenge

To maximise quality traffic and ultimately revenue, with a key focus on increasing AOV after a period of heavy discounting.

The Approach

Programmatic Display Bid Strategy AB Test.

The Result

An increase in quality traffic and efficiency.

Page Sessions

+ 23%


+ 93%

Cost Per Page View


The Brief

We were in a continually low AOV period, whereby new users were either not engaged or purchasing lower price point items. We wanted to increase our quality user to site and drive up revenue, whilst maintaining efficiency.

The Process

Following a successful launch into programmatic through our open exchange campaign, we wanted to improve this traffic quality by  testing DV360’s Custom Bidding algorithm against the minimise cost-per-click strategy. Custom Bidding allowed us to optimise to multiple floodlights, which we then weight based on their importance to the campaign. Custom Bidding allows us to also integrate u-variable data to, for example, optimise towards a high order value, as well as GA4 data points.

The Results

The custom bidding campaign drove a 93% higher ROAS, a 478% higher CTR, and a 23% higher page her session. This all indicated the higher quality of user we were attracting with this bidding test. It also was more efficient due to the 358% lower cost per page view.


“SINE have been our performance marketing agency for the last 5+ years and have most recently taken on our SEO business. 

Since 2019, they have helped us scale globally, achieving double digit revenue increases with their laser focus on expanding our acquisition and performance channels and being early adopters to new products, channels and formats. On the SEO & programmatic side, they are real leaders in their field and offer a superb service as an extension of our brand team.

From high level strategy and planning to hands-on execution, they have hired some really strong talent that aren’t afraid to innovate, test and learn and ultimately achieve our business goals. They’re not just a performance marketing agency as they care about and have strong expertise in top of funnel investment planning, helping to ensure our new customer acquisition rate and CAC are both kept healthy for sustainable and profitable business growth!”

Founder and Creative Director, Percival Menswear